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unexpected guests

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I am trying desperately to keep up with this and post things I am working on, but if it’s not one thing, it’s another.  Tuesday night I’m in the shower, finally relaxing now that the kids are in bed and my husband opens the bathroom door.  “Your oldest daughter has lice.”  Oh joy.  After a check of our youngest daughter’s head we find that she does also.  Double joy.  When I was a kid I thought lice was for the “dirty” kids – the ones that never showered and look liked they needed to be hosed down.  Yeah, that is so NOT the case.  Both of our girls are very clean and we make them shower on a regular basis (just needed to get that out there).  So, instead of being creative or photographing something interested, I’ve spent the last couple of days doing non-stop laundry and playing “mommy-school” with my girls.  (there is a 24 hour from treatment rule at our school, but my husband and I agree on a “not while we see anything alive”-rule).  So if there is anyone out there actually reading this … please know that I will have something more interesting soon!


Author: ktware

I'm a mom to 2 girls and 2 dogs. My husband and I have been together for over 17 years (married for 12 of them). I hate saying that I'm a "stay at home" mom, because I'm really not. I spend most of my time at my daughters' elementary school - volunteering, tutoring and (my favorite) scrapbooking with several different classes. I like photography, scrapbooking and general crafty stuff.

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