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So my almost six year old is doing a little art work the other day and then comes to show me once she is done, just like she always does.  Only this time she tells me, “Mom, you can put this on your blog if you want to.”  So, I am:

the artist with her work of art

a good way for her to use up some stickers, huh?

And now I need to get back to editing the wedding photos from this weekend, otherwise I’ll never finish and then won’t get my PL spread done on time.  Thanks for reading!


Author: ktware

I'm a mom to 2 girls and 2 dogs. My husband and I have been together for over 17 years (married for 12 of them). I hate saying that I'm a "stay at home" mom, because I'm really not. I spend most of my time at my daughters' elementary school - volunteering, tutoring and (my favorite) scrapbooking with several different classes. I like photography, scrapbooking and general crafty stuff.

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