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Project Life (week 26)

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I didn’t think I was going to get this one done on time to link up to The Mom Creative, but I finally finished:

left side

right side

Monday was a my monthly doctor appt. and a bunch of running errands, so I didn’t really take photos that day.  But, to brag a little (I was so proud), I posted tags from one of the local kid resale stores where I got some really good deals.  I had two baskets of clothes that I was going to drop off at Goodwill and then decided while I was out to try the resale store for the heck of it.  The last few times I’ve done this, we’ve gotten less than $10, so I was a little dissapointed.  This time they took about a third of the basket but gave me almost $30!!!  While we waited for them to go thru our stuff, the girls and I actually found several good deals on stuff for back to school (I know it’s way to early to be thinking about back to school shopping, but I’ll take the deals when I can get them).  We ended up with 3 pairs of jeans, 1 pair of denim capris and 3 really nice (one still with original store tags) shirts.

Oh, I also finally found a pair of shorts for me, too.  Losing weight is great, but I hate shopping – especially when bermuda shorts are in and I’m vertically challenged 🙂   As I was going thru my envelope of photos, I realized I forgot to print one photo.  Since it was another day of crafting (already printed 2 doing similiar things) I just decided to fill the spot with a larger journaling card and then put some bling on it.  It also helped me repeat the whole polka dot thing I seem to have going on this week.

I also have to say how proud I am to finally have finished that book.  I started it last summer and read until I got busy with other projects and had to just put it aside, even though I was 3/4 of the way through it.  I started again the first week of summer vacation -from the beginning- and finished it last week.  I told my husband today that he has ruined me, though.  We went to both of our local libraries today and I was looking at all the books out by my usual favorites and they just don’t seem to interest me as much anymore.  I used to be all about suspense/thrillers, especially medically related.  But now, I just seem to want to read science fiction/fantasy.

Oh, one last thing.  I was writing my journaling last night and messed up (note: don’t journal and watch tv at the same time) so I found a similiar in size tag from OA and just stuck it on top.  I was so happy I thought of that because I didn’t want to waste the cute 4×6 card:

Alrighty, I think that about does it for this week.  I am hoping to get some more posts in this week (for example, some shots from the wedding I did this weekend).  Thanks for reading and I can’t wait to see what everyone else has done!


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I'm a mom to 2 girls and 2 dogs. My husband and I have been together for over 17 years (married for 12 of them). I hate saying that I'm a "stay at home" mom, because I'm really not. I spend most of my time at my daughters' elementary school - volunteering, tutoring and (my favorite) scrapbooking with several different classes. I like photography, scrapbooking and general crafty stuff.

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