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Project Life (weeks 36 & 37)

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I think I did it – I am finally caught up!! I’ll keep this short and sweet since I am exhausted (we did a little birthday celebrating for our now 9 year old tonight). Week 36:

I’m not sure I like my handwriting this week. I have this old caligraphy marker that I pull out every now and then thinking “Oh, this will look cool” .. and then it doesn’t. I think it just reminds me too much of my very first scrapbooks (which were horrible, I started in the late ’90s and the selection is nowhere what it is now). But, it was gray and I chose to use gray (and the berry red from the Cobalt edition) because I love these Thickers and wanted to use them 🙂

I have to brag about my youngest for a second. We were at their annual checkup (I wait until Sept and take them both since one b’day is July and the other in Sept) and she was playing in the kid area. From where I sat, I couldn’t see her, but I could hear her and she calls me and my oldest over and shows us this:

If you look at it closely, you’ll see that she created her “self-portrait” out of Legos! I love that kid and her creative (out of the box) thinking.

——————> WEEK 37<———————

I decided to be a rebel this week and use Jillibean alphabean stickers instead of Thickers for the week #. I also pulled out one of my favorite stamp sets to use with PL (a CTMH set) and tried to use something I don’t normally use. It was the little flip calendar stamp that says “today”. I used it on 2 of the journaling cards and will be using again.

Our poor girls – they got a flu shot at their before-mentioned check up and it suddenly just kicked their butt late Sunday. They stayed home Monday and I knew they really weren’t feeling well because they voluntarily rested. Normally it’s a battle to get them to rest instead of treat it as a day off.

our spare mattress on the living room floor so they could watch movies

Wednesday was my first this school year (of many) days of having the car (we only have one) and running errands on my own … with NO KIDS!!! I took my husband to work and we stopped for breakfast … I ran errands … found out I’d gone down a pant size (!!!) and then got to meet him for a late lunch date. He took me to a place downtown I hadn’t been to before and then we ate in the park. It was almost like when we were young and not parents 🙂

this is a 6×6 collaged photo and I wrote straight onto it with a Bic MarkIt

We ended the week with our oldest daughter’s slumber party. Her birthday was today, so we did her party over the weekend. It was nice to just have a small party. Her first grade teacher (and our youngest daughter’s current teacher) came over for a while which made their night! It was funny because we realized every kid there was either a former or current student. The next morning I made french toast and let them have ice cream/strawberries on top (the night before it was too late to give them sugar, so we skipped it). She blew out her candle on the ice cream. It was “sweet” if you’ll pardon the pun. Best of all, we had the whole weekend to recover!

As usual, I will be linking up (although a little late) with The Mom Creative for PL Tuesday. And hopefully I will stay caught up for now. Thanks for looking!


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