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Project Life (week 45)

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Welcome to week 45! Because I am OCD about a lot of things, let me start by saying please excuse the glare. I was gone all day and was home for about 15 minutes of (extremely cloudy) daylight today, so I had to take these quickly and couldn’t find a good/glare-free spot. Okay, we may proceed 🙂

left side close up

right side close up

I actually sat down over the weekend and did my “wk___” stickers on the rest of the date cards for this year. This is a good way to go back and use up those Thicker sets that are getting bare (and therefor a good excuse to get more). I usually buy the smaller sets because they have more in them, but I do really like this larger one.

I knew for my journaling cards that didn’t fill up the space I wanted to use some sort of stamped element to tie them all together and then I would use the same stamp on my “filler card”. I have this hexagon stamp that’s part of a CTMH set and I decided to use that and stamp it in three Distress Inks in an ombre type coloring. Then I used one of Ali Edwards’ stamps on top(“life right now”).

I spent one day at school last week making decorations for the book fair currently going on right now. Scholastic chooses a theme for each one and this one is camping. I rolled out brown paper and drew it to look like a log cabin and we put one on either side of the library doors. Then I made “wooden” signs to attach to a post to go out next to the door. While I was working on it, I pulled my nine year old out of lunch and had her get a photo of me.

later added arrows to each sign pointing in different directions

My husband ran his second obstacle course this past weekend with some co-workers. One of my sisters and her husband were in the group right after my husband. I am so proud of his hard work and how far he’s come in less than a year. As usual, I had him journal since it was about him.

The results are one side of an insert (the other has a copy of my 6yr old’s doctor’s note for school). Finally, you may have noticed the day of the week stickers. I got the full 12×12 sticker sheet for the Sn@p line and these stickers are from that sheet. Normally I would save them with the “I’ll use them on something special” mentality, then realized I should just USE them!

Thank you for taking a look! I will link up to The Mom Creative again this week. Come back and check it out on Friday when I share this current week of our family’s 30 Days of Thankful and link up to Cathy Z’s blog.


Author: ktware

I'm a mom to 2 girls and 2 dogs. My husband and I have been together for over 17 years (married for 12 of them). I hate saying that I'm a "stay at home" mom, because I'm really not. I spend most of my time at my daughters' elementary school - volunteering, tutoring and (my favorite) scrapbooking with several different classes. I like photography, scrapbooking and general crafty stuff.

One thought on “Project Life (week 45)

  1. me and your husband have similar handwriting! all capital letters haha

    I like how you print on the journal cards, I need to do this more often so I can fit more onto it! Looks great! 🙂

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