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Project Life (week 49)

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It’s strange to think that I am winding down my second year of Project Life! Here’s a look at the full spread for the week:

week 49

(For whatever reason, I forgot to take closeup shots of each side – oops!)
As you can see, the first half of the week was all 6×6 pockets. I wanted to do a mixture of full 6×6 photo prints and then 4×6 with the side journaling. I finally found those “Albums Made Easy” journaling card sets at our Target and got one to try out. This journaling card was one of them (from Sydney’s field trip):

photo collage by Cathy Z

photo collage by Cathy Z

Oh, and the 3rd was our twelve year anniversary. We ended up going out for a light dinner of tacos at Monkey’s favorite taco place and then to Orange Leaf for frozen yogurt with the girls. He even brought me roses. In the seventeen years we’ve been together I can count the number of times he’s brought me flowers on one hand, so this was a very sweet gesture 🙂

together 17 years - married for 12 of those

together 17 years – married for 12 of those

I always find it kind of humorous that in central Texas we don’t really get “fall” until almost Christmas! Hence the pumpkin photo on our back deck and the girls playing in the leaves on our walk home from school.


Friday night was Monkey’s holiday work dinner. It’s the one time a year we get to go out just the two of us (and even then we’ve only been able to go together 3-4 times). It’s a chance to dress up a little. Our family friend/neighbor/first grade teacher Teresa stayed with our girls and even took them to her house to help her decorate a little. She works at Brighton and was nice enough to bring me jewelry and a purse to wear that night – love that woman! (she was even in our “Thankful” album-day 27)


Saturday we ran errands all day. The biggest part being that Monkey was finally able to buy a tablet (he’s wanted one for quite a while now) thanks to the side/”contractor” job that he worked on for a month. I did feel bad for him, though, because once we got home and he got to start playing with it he found out it was defective. So, now he is waiting for the store to get a new shipment in. And my husband does not wait for toys patiently very well 🙂

I did have one insert for the week. I kept the program/coloring booklet from Sydney’s field trip play and on the back side I put the photos of our house with the icicle lights at night and then the trees inside our house. We have one in the living room and then the girls have a pink one and a green one (miniature versions) in their room.




Well, that about wraps it up for week 49. I am about a week late posting this, so the current week (week 50)will be posted up soon, in time to link up with The Mom Creative. I can’t wait to see how everyone else’s pages look!


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