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Project Life – Weeks 7 and 8


Welcome to another weekly update.  Let me start with week seven:


For whatever reason, when I took these photos, I forgot to take separate photos of each side of the layout (oops!)  I did remember to get a close up of the week card, though.  This was the week of Valentine’s Day, which was an excuse for me to use some pink on my layout.  I had also recently gone thru some of my older Echo Park kits and was trying to use up some of the pieces.  The “Love you” cutout was on the journaling cutout page for Playground kit.


Monkey happened to home from work with another throat illness early on in the week.  Tuesday was Mardi Gras or Fat Tuesday(or something like that) and he was excited to go have Cajun food at a local place called Stuffed.  We went to New Orleans for our honeymoon (over 12 years ago) and he has been in love with all things New Orleans/Cajun since then.  He was being goofy for the camera, but he really was that happy about all the crawfish on that tray in front of him 🙂


Valentine’s Day at school means class parties.  I scrapbook with several classes at the girls’ school, so that means I am running like crazy that day trying to photograph all the parties.  Natalie complained this year that she wanted me to be in the room for the whole party, so I had to work extra hard to get there and stay there as long as I could.  I even had her teacher take a photo of the two of us together so that I could prove I was there!  And poor Syd, I was so busy that I forgot to have her teacher photograph her and I together.  I went back at the end of the school day and caught her and she was nice enough to take the photo, so I have proof I was there for both girls 🙂  I’m always on the other side of the camera, so I wanted to make sure they remember that I really was THERE.


I started watching the ABC show “Once Upon a Time” when it first came on.  This year I decided that it might be something we could actually watch as a family, so we got the first season on Netflix (bare with me, I’m coming to a point here, I promise).  Sydney has preferred short hair for quite a few years, but calls it her “boy haircut” and I’ve tried to let her know that girls can have short hair, too.  Well, one of the main characters in this show has a “boy haircut” (Ginnifer Goodwin- “Mary Margaret/Snow White”) and Sydney loves her hair.  So out of the blue I asked if she wanted short hair again and she said, “Yeah, can I cut it like Snow White?”  It just made my day that she stopped associating it only with “boy” hair.  Even better?  The look on her face when she saw her haircut:



It really amazes Monkey and I how much her confidence improves when she gets a haircut:)


And with that, we are on to:IMG_0485

What makes me laugh is that I took these at the same time I took the above photos, yet I remember to take shots of the individual sides of *this* layout.


left side, close up

left side, close up


right side, close up

right side, close up

It’s kind of funny, when I saw this card in my Studio Calico kit, I thought I wouldn’t use it.  What makes ME happy is usually pretty far down on my list, after making sure Monkey and the girls are taken care of, but then I saw someone’s layout and they put pictures of their scrap stuff.  I don’t remember who it was, but they said that it was such a big part of their life, but they almost never document THAT and I realized (duh) neither do I.  So, that’s when I decided this card was perfect after all.


This also happened to be a week where my kids said some particularly cute things that I wanted to remember.  In first grade, they get caterpillars and keep them until the become butterflies, then release them for spring break (one of my absolute favorite things to photograph all school year).  Sydney had just started this process and was just randomly telling her sister and I facts on our walks home from school.  While I love that she was excited about something she was learning, I also love that she mispronounced “caterpillar” over and over and was okay with it.  (Natalie did the same thing – it’s a hard word!)


And then on Tuesday, this happens:

(yes, I just went back and fixed the word "dropped")

(yes, I just went back and fixed the word “dropped”)


They crack me up when they do that. (It happens a lot – this was just the first time I got that explanation)

Thursday, Natalie had her third grade play.  Actually, there were five little plays and she was in the one about a toy shop.  She chose to be a bunny and that was fine, because it was an easy costume AND I got to use a stamp I don’t get much use out of:

The Stamps of Life (older set)

The Stamps of Life (older set)

I made a 6×12 insert for the week and this was the back side of it:


My sister and nephew came over and went up to see the play with us.  I took a few photos of her before the play at our house and then one of her, her sister and cousin.  I love these goofy kids.


Friday nights are our usual night to grocery shop.  Sydney, for whatever reason, was bored this night.  I hate when they try to walk and play games on our phones, so I suggested she take pictures instead.  I totally forgot about it until I started working on the layout and I went back to check.  I thought printing them all to show her “point of view” would be a fun thing for her (and everyone else) to see.  I made a mini collage (4×4 I believe to leave me space in the 6×6 space).


Last of all, this was what I chose for the front of the 6×12 insert for the week.  I knew I wanted to do one with the play photos and this was the one photo that I didn’t have room for, but really wanted the story told.


As always, I will be linking up with The Mom Creative.  And in between checking out everyone else’s layouts, I will be photographing more of mine to get caught up on here.  Thanks for looking!



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I'm a mom to 2 girls and 2 dogs. My husband and I have been together for over 17 years (married for 12 of them). I hate saying that I'm a "stay at home" mom, because I'm really not. I spend most of my time at my daughters' elementary school - volunteering, tutoring and (my favorite) scrapbooking with several different classes. I like photography, scrapbooking and general crafty stuff.

2 thoughts on “Project Life – Weeks 7 and 8

  1. Wow! You are making so much project. I love all these wonderful photos. It is so hard to remember to get in the photos, isn’t it? Especially when you are running around volunteering. I try to get one with my kids at school a few times a year but I am getting more forgetful and my older ones would be far too embarrassed (6th & 8th gr). It is bad enough I volunteer at the school!

  2. I meant “progress” not project!

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