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Project Life-Week 10

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If I’m going to get caught up, I really need to post more than once a week, huh?  Well, here goes for week ten:


left side close up

left side close up

right side close up

right side close up

This was the girls last full week of school before spring break.  Traditionally this is the week that the first graders (Sydney this year) do their butterfly release with the butterflies they have kept in the classroom to study, so I stamped a bunch of butterflies and tried to color them like the “Painted Lady” variety they had.


I’ve seen lots of layouts where people do a “week in review” style card.  It’s not what I usually do, but I had this journaling card from We R Memory Keepers and thought I’d give it a shot this week.  I just gave brief notes and saved the details for the journaling cards.


While I was outside snapping this photo of my husband, I looked over and saw our dogs sunning themselves on the deck.  Our sweet Little (Loralei) is getting older and won’t be around a lot longer.  It makes me sad, so I thought I should remember to photograph her as much as possible (like I did towards the end for our Rottie, Chewie).  She is not a big fan of “posing” for the camera, so it takes a few shots.


Natalie had her first practice of our state regulated tests this week, as well.  It was her first time, so after we talked about strategies to change for the next one.  I asked her to journal about it and this is what she gave me:


I kind of thought this was a funny reaction from a girl who loves to read.  Recently I’ve had more stories about/from Sydney, but this week it was Natalie’s turn.  Wednesday and Thursday I focused on her as well.


Just a quick note – I got one of the Echo Park Photo Freedom page kits with the page protectors inside.  Each one I got was either scratched like the above photo OR the bottom of the pockets were undone at the seam and I had to use washi tape to keep the journaling card/photo from falling out.  Anyone else had the same problem or did I just get a bad batch?

When I got the “rain” filler card from my SC PL kit, I thought “When in the world am I going to use this?  We never get rain.” … Low and behold, we got rain that Friday before spring break and the colors even worked well with the layout.  Yay!


As I said at the start of the post – Friday would be the day Sydney would’ve done her butterfly release, but sadly the weather just did not cooperate. Not only was it rainy and yucky out, but because of the unusually cold days we’d been having, most of the butterflies were still in their cocoons and hadn’t emerged yet. Fortunately Syd has an awesome teacher and she quickly emailed the parents Friday to set up a “release party” during spring break.  This journaling card explains all of that AND gave me an excuse to put another butterfly on this layout AND use the enamel dots for the first time.


Well, that about wraps it up for week 10.  I will be linking up with The Mom Creative for Project Life Tuesday. I would love to read any feedback/comments that you have.  Thanks for reading!


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