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Project Life- Week Fourteen


This was the week I attempted to do a black and white layout with some colored “sprinkled” in.


left side

left side

right side

right side

I always have a hard time with the black and white text date card from the Seafoam edition. I thought if I used the Simple Stories letter stickers it would help with the whole black and white with a dash of color thing I was trying for. This is what I got:

first try

first try

I felt like it still needed something, so I pulled out the (then) small stash of sequins I had and gave that a try:

take 2

take 2

I’m not sure I really am happy with how it turned out, but I decided to leave it. This was an experiment and now I know I really need to find some better ideas for the text cards.

I start our weeks on Sunday – this Sunday was our last day in Galveston. Monkey wanted to run the beach one more time, so I packed up while he did that and then took the girls for a shell walk and met up with him. I really wanted to use that 4×6 days of the week Snap card and thought it fit in the layout perfectly. The week back after vacation is always kind of an exhausted blur, so I thought just quick bits of journaling and black and white photos fit that feeling the way I wanted.


I also wanted to work in some photos that were a little more stylistic (?) for lack of a better word. For example, instead of a photo of my girls playing soccer, I got a photo of the ball sitting in the grass in the back yard. I forget sometimes to take those kinds of photos for our Project Life album (I do it for our family album all the time).


I had one insert this week. Sydney brought home some school work and I was so proud of her improvement writing her numbers, that I had to include it. All of her numbers faced the correct way and we written neatly.

(back of insert was the schedule for spring class photos for which I volunteered to help)

(back of insert was the schedule for spring class photos for which I volunteered to help)

I know this is not much for the week, but some weeks are like that. I really need to get caught up on the photographing of my layouts. My camera is about to die and the lens will not close on it’s own, so I am going to try to use the camera on my new phone. Wish me luck!?!

I will be linking up with The Mom Creative on Tuesday. You should check it out – there are so many great ideas and layouts to see.  Thanks for stopping by!


Author: ktware

I'm a mom to 2 girls and 2 dogs. My husband and I have been together for over 17 years (married for 12 of them). I hate saying that I'm a "stay at home" mom, because I'm really not. I spend most of my time at my daughters' elementary school - volunteering, tutoring and (my favorite) scrapbooking with several different classes. I like photography, scrapbooking and general crafty stuff.

3 thoughts on “Project Life- Week Fourteen

  1. I really like how the sequins turned out.
    That’s a great idea to photograph the ball instead of the kids playing soccer. I love detail pictures, but I never seem to take them.

  2. Great pages! I have been thinking about trying a layout with all black & white photos. I don’t know if I can do it, though! 🙂 Love that days of the week calendar card!

  3. I love the use of the Snap goodies and sequins to spice up the colour, well done 🙂

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