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Week 22 of Project Life

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I thought I would start this week showing my “setup” for taking these photos. I’d been having trouble for weeks finding a good spot to take layout photos that wouldn’t have horrible glare. I used to be able to go out back and use a shaded spot on our deck, but I guess the change of seasons or something changed that.

my high tech studio

my high tech studio

Monkey (my husband) recently built a step for our dogs (one large/older one who can’t get around very well and one small/younger one with knee issues) to help them get into the house better without slipping. Turns out it’s the perfect place to photograph layouts. It’s far enough back from the edge of the covered part of the concrete pad that there’s no harsh sun, but still enough light to get good shots.



And so, now on to …






left side

left side

right side

right side

This was a three day weekend. We started the week going to a birthday/pool party for a friend of my oldest daughter. It was a pool we hadn’t been to before, so the girls loved it!



Monkey has been doing races and obstacle courses for the last year or so. He has one coming up in December that might turn into a 2 day thing so that he can volunteer (and lessen his entrance fee). Instead of staying in a hotel, we talked about maybe camping in the area. Our girls have never been camping, but both my husband and I did as kids. We pulled out some of my dad’s tents/gear and Monday set it up to air out and check out the condition. He must’ve gotten soft in his old age, because the tents he had for us as a kid were nowhere near as nice as what he had for him and my half sister 🙂



I was having a bad weekend (medically) and then Tuesday morning my youngest woke up with a fever, so I took it as a sign we should both stay home and rest. We stayed in my bed and watched Disney all day. I think the down time with mommy was just what she needed.



The photo on the far right is Natalie’s test scores. Third grade was the first year for her to take standardized tests and she literally stressed herself out about it (she puts too much pressure on herself – it does not come from us). She scored an 80% on the first practice and was so upset about it, so I know this(93% on both) made her so happy 🙂

Sydney’s (youngest) birthday is in the middle of July, so she wouldn’t get to do cupcakes, etc. with her school friends. I didn’t want her to feel left out, so I take up cupcakes at the end of May for her “almost birthday”. She made the cupcakes almost entirely herself. I only f



(with her teacher, then her teacher took one of her with me)

(with her teacher, then her teacher took one of her with me)

Very close family friends of ours live about an hour or so away from us. Their girls are Noel (1 month older than Natalie) and Kira (halfway between Natalie and Sydney). They got out of school a week before us (private school) and were maybe an hour into their summer vacation when Noel was bit by a rattlesnake (they live on acreage – we live in Texas). I won’t go into all the details, but her smart mom did everything right and got her to the hospital in time. She was then transferred to the bigger children’s hospital in our area. Saturday we went to see her and bring her some food. Because it’s a children’s hospital, there were a lot of cool art installations, like the one I photographed:


Here are the actual photos I took of it.





Well, that about wraps up week twenty two of 2013. I haven’t posted in a couple of weeks because I’ve been finishing up the first of two school albums I’ve needed to get done. I plan on doing a post about it since a new school year has started/is starting. As always, I will be linking up to The Mom Creative on Tuesday. Thanks for reading along and I’d love to hear from you!


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