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Week 23 … seems so long ago

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This was the last week of school for the girls … and now they have started a new grade level. I’m actually taking a break from my layouts right now. Here is the full spread of week 23



left side

left side


I had fun making the weekly card for this one since it was a smaller canvas to work with. I used some cute Doodlebug letter stickers and some pink foam thickers. I had just picked up these wood veneer houses at Michael’s, so I added those to the card.



I use Seafoam core kit cards for the title cards each week and tend to stick to the colors of that kit. I had these cut apart cards (part of a 12×12 sheet – don’t remember the brand/line) and really liked the pinks and aquas and thought I could make it work. I wanted this layout to be bright and happy to reflect the feeling of the week.

I will admit to being a big dork. I had these flip flops that I LOVED because they were so cushiony and comfy, but my husband said they were ugly and he kept trying to get me to buy shoes that were better for my feet (these were a pregnancy buy almost a decade ago). Well, sure enough,  within a week of his latest round of giving me hell about them, I had a blow out … while at school.

(yes, the "so happy together" refers to my shoes and I)

(yes, the “so happy together” refers to my shoes and I)

As I mentioned earlier, school was wrapping up this week. My oldest daughter’s class did a “living museum” as a way to show the information they learned doing biographies. After her presentation time, we had her student led conference. Here she is with one of her best friends:


My younger daughter’s teacher is a phenomenal teacher and woman. She is very big on encouraging her students to write – I shot these photos one day when she took them outside at school to work on their poetry.



If you’ve read my posts before, you know that I do a scrapbook project at school with the students. We’ve talked before about the teachers doing one as well, but it just never works out. Instead, I had all the students write on a 6×6 piece of colored cardstock what they love most/what they’ve learned from their teacher. I then put that into a mini album next to a photo of that student with the teacher ( I do a quick photo session during downtime). We gave those to my daughters’ teachers the second to last day of school. It is so fun to watch their reactions as they read thru the albums.



The last day of school I try to get a shot of the girls in the front yard – exactly the same as I do on the first day of school. It’s fun to put together a comparison shot for their school scrapbooks. Here is Natalie on the last day:

last day as a 3rd grader

last day as a 3rd grader


And Sydney:

last day as a 1st grader

last day as a 1st grader



The last day of school I host a “Hooray for summer!” party for the girls and some of their school friends (mostly teachers’ kids) – that was Friday. Saturday, good friends of ours came down for a slumber party. Noel was still recovering from her rattlesnake bite, but you’d never be able to tell from the way she played!

(journaling card on right courtesy of Cathy Z - minus the ink smear)

(journaling card on left courtesy of Cathy Z – minus the ink smear)



And that sums up another week in our life! Thanks for reading, feel free to leave me a comment. As always (or at least when I remember to post) I will be linking up with The Mom Creative for Project Life Tuesday. If you like what you just saw, you should check out some of the other people doing the same project.




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