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Project Life – weeks 24 & 25

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This was from way back in June – our first full week of summer vacation.



I stuck with a lot of greens and oranges to give it a summery feel. I love taking photos of flowers in bloom during the summer and put these three together onto one 4×6 so that the entire layout wasn’t just flower photos. Now that school is out, I have the time to relax and just enjoy what’s around me.


When the mason jar stuff first came out, I was loving it, but not always sure how to incorporate it into my layouts. I’m just not one of those people that puts random designs on a layout for decoration with absolutely no meaning. I did think that lightning bugs in a jar was good imagery for summer, so yay!


Something else that screams “summer!” in our family is all of the summer reading programs in our area. We usually sign up for all of them and then choose the ones that we really like to keep up with. We are a family of readers anyway, so it’s nice to get prizes and incentives to continue doing something you love, right?


My girls and I spend most of our summer mornings on our back porch, either reading, playing or keeping cool in our little blow up pool. As goofy as I look in this picture, I was trying to make my youngest laugh while remembering to include myself in photos more (especially with them).


click on the photo to read the journaling

click on the photo to read the journaling

I’ve told my girls this story before, but I wanted to record it to make sure it’s remembered. This is one of the reasons I started Project Life – little bits like this that are important and should be remembered, but don’t really need an entire 12×12 layout.

This week had one insert. Last year we took the girls to Blues on the Green (free concerts outdoors) and took them again this year. We didn’t leave early enough and spent over an hour trying to get into the park/find parking, but the short time we were there was fun!

7x5 insert

7×5 insert

and now ….


See the arrow over the dates? Yeah, I didn’t realize I was stamping with the back of the stamp (gray part), so I had to keep going with it, then flipped the stamp over to get the detail with black ink. I’ve seen that “technique” done before with other images, so I’m glad it was in the back of my mind 🙂


For some reason, I forgot to take close ups of each side. Sunday this week was Father’s Day. The girls gave him the presents they made and then we tried a new bbq place for lunch. Turns out the food was not really what we liked, but hey, we tried a new place.


My youngest daughter has become obsessed with the clothes in the Lands End catalogs. She wants to order everything and I’ve explained to her that we can’t really do that. I told her she could cut out the pictures of clothes she likes and we could save that for back to school shopping. She turned it into a morning long project. She made her own book and everything – love it!


This popsicle stamp is from The Stamps of Life – it’s really cute and gave me a chance to practice coloring with my Copic markers. I may or may not have given my girls popsicles for this very reason.


My husband had surgery this week to remove a kidney stone. The doctor came out after the procedure to let me know that the problem was that the stone was situated wide across instead of down (see photos) and that’s why it didn’t pass. I had my husband journal about it. ( he gave me permission to post this – I promise I asked first)

it might be hard to see, but the yellow side thing in the middle is the stone

it might be hard to see, but the yellow side thing in the middle is the stone

close up of his journaling

close up of his journaling

This was not his first kidney stone surgery, but the first one that the doctor gave us pictures (is it sad that I immediately thought “This is going in the PL album”?)

Okay, well that’s two more weeks closer to being up to date. I’m actually working on September’s layouts right now. Thanks for taking a look. Are you up to date with your pages? Now that we are so close to the end of the year, are you feeling that push to catch up before starting fresh on January 1st?

As always, I’ll be linking up with The Mom Creative for Project Life Tuesday.


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