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Project Life week 4




As always, I will be linking up with The Mom Creative for Project Life Tuesday. Here goes …IMG_0876


Here is week 4, the end of January. The left side is the back of that Simple Stories page protector from the week before. Instead of journaling, I used it to be able to add multiple photos from one day (Sunday).





I was having issues with my Cameo (which thanks to my husband/call to customer service is now taken care of), so I didn’t cut out “week 4”. I used a SC stamp and decided to play around with the title card – I usually keep them all looking the same.



The girls were home from school and Little (our older dog) had a really bad day. I really thought this was the day we would have to call the vet to come over to put her to sleep. It was something my husband and I had discussed, but were waiting to tell our girls. She is very old, has lost control of her bowels, can barely walk, recently lost her sight (and had a few other problems). I felt a little weird taking these photos, but as I’ve said before, it’s important to me to document the good and the bad and every aspect of our lives.



On Wednesday, Sydney told me that her reading/writing teacher wanted to talk to me. We waited for her to finish after school duty and she told me that she was so proud of Syd’s writing. She said she did a great job with the writing prompt for the day and even asked Syd to read it to the class. My poor daughter was too shy/doubtful of her writing to do so (or even tell me about this, thus the teacher asking to talk to me).  I am so proud of her writing skills and I’m hoping to get her to the point that she is okay sharing – but I understand, I hated to share my creative writing in school, too.

how are an orange/banana the same/different

how are an orange/banana the same/different


Speaking of Sydney, we finally got around to taking her to get her bangs cut properly. Back in December, she randomly decided one morning she wanted bangs – so she cut them herself after breakfast! I have to admit, she looks great with bangs and it’s improved her confidence quite a bit. Her goal after having “boy hair” for so long was to grow her hair out long again, at least enough for ponytails. After getting her bangs cut/the back evened out, we tried out ponytails and it worked!


This was the week that my husband finally hooked up my Cameo. The circle that I journaled on was the first shape we cut (as practice), so I thought it was an appropriate journaling piece.


This was also the week that January 24th fell on. That is the day, back in 2006, while I was pregnant with Sydney that my father passed away from lung cancer. For the first time I was busy enough that day that I didn’t spend the whole day thinking about it, but I did want something to show that it’s still (always) on my mind.


The white ribbon is a pin that I used to wear on my purse and sweater for the longest time, until it broke. I keep it on my desk and thought this was a good place to keep it.


As a last note, I found it kind of ironic that this was the week that was up next to blog about. TODAY actually turned out to be the day that the vet came to our house and ended Little’s suffering. We made the decision last week and scheduled it for today while the girls were at school. My husband was home, so we cleaned out a big work wagon we have and loaded it up with pillows, put her in it and took her for a long “walk” around our neighborhood one last time before sitting out in the front yard with her for a while. Little (nickname for Loralei) has been a part of our family since before we even had kids, which makes it all the more difficult. She was the sweetest dog and will be missed.

at a little over a year old

at a little over a year old


in August of 2010

in August of 2010


on our walk this morning

on our walk this morning

Thanks for letting me share that.


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6 thoughts on “Project Life week 4

  1. I am so sorry for your loss. Saying goodbye to a furbaby can be so hard. My boys freak out every time one of our animals has to go to the vet and we haven’t even lost one yet. I’m not sure how we will handle it when the day comes.
    Your spread looks lovely. I think it’s great that you documented talking to the girls about Little. It’s important to remember that life isn’t always sunshine and roses, but it shows how much they love her and that’s the wonderful part.

  2. I am so sorry for your loss. Praying for peace for you and your family. I don’t know if you’ve seen this or not, but I’m always reminded of it when I hear about the loss of a furbaby: http://rainbowsbridge.com/poem.htm

    • One of my older daughter’s teachers printed out a copy of that poem for each of our dogs (we had another one that was with us since before we had kids that passed away 4 years ago – they are buried next to each other). Thank you for sharing that

  3. So sweet. Very heartwarming story.

  4. Your pages are so great! I love all the touches of pink and the story from your daughter, she certainly is a great writer.

    Sorry to hear about your doggy, that is always hard..

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