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Project Life – weeks 28-29


And with that, I take you back to the first week (or so) of July. Looking at this layout, I am again reminded how much I love the Honey core kit and bright colors (although, I did use a card from the Seafoam kit, too).

left side

left side

right side

right side

I wanted to keep the title card for this week simple, so that it didn’t take away from the pretty clouds, but I didn’t want it “plain”. I ended up lightly painting on some Stickles (yes, I use a paintbrush when it’s a larger area). In keeping with the soft feel, I pulled out my Amy Tangerine letter stickers (the set with multiple colors). I was so happy to find something I could use these on – Natalie keeps taking them for her school scrapbook and I’m afraid she’s going to use up all of the vowels before I get a chance to use them myself!


One of my favorite “things” to photograph are hands. Hands are one of those things that as a kid you take for granted, but as an adult, you realize how important they are. When I was little, I used to take my father’s hand and turn it palm up and then lay my face down on it when I was tired. It was something I just did, without even thinking about it. Now I would give anything to have a good photo of his hands … Anyway, I’m getting off point. I also think kid hands can be really cute, so instead of getting Sydney’s whole face/body, I focused on her little hands.


We went to a birthday/pool party this week. I am glad I got one good shot of the two girls together since the friend doesn’t go to the same school with my girls anymore. This was also a good chance to have Natalie journal.


This was also the week I got my last mail order from Two Peas. I think my journaling about sums it up. Even my girls were sad to hear they were closing.



And now, on to …


The full spread:


This was the first week in a long time that the colors on each half of the layout didn’t all “go” together. On the left side, that purple was the dominant color.


I pulled the purple from Sydney’s shirt in that bottom left photo (at her birthday dinner). I also pulled the colors for the right side from her shirt – this time from the bottom right photo.


In case it wasn’t obvious, this was the week of Sydney’s birthday.

I used Heidi Swapp Gold color shine on the 8

I used Heidi Swapp Gold color shine on the 8

I’ve mentioned in previous posts how we are working on Sydney’s self esteem. I really think that she has come a long way over this summer and (to me) it was easy to see when I was taking her yearly portraits. This was my favorite one from the day.



Well, that wraps up weeks 28-29. I’ve had these photographed for a while and just needed to sit down and finally share them. Now that school has started and we’re finally figuring out our routine, I’ve had a bit more time to work on catching up. I’m excited to get back to the point where I am working on the week previous and not the month previous. There are classes and projects that I am hoping to do over the next few months, so this is the first step towards doing that.

Thank you for stopping by!


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Project Life – week 27





This week I am just keeping it simple with one layout. I finally finished my girls’ school albums for the previous year and then school started, so this past weekend is the first chance I’ve had to sit down and work on PL. While this is my only complete layout, every layout from this one up to current has photos and journaling cards in the page protectors. I just need the time to sit and journal about it all and put the finishing touches on.IMG_8143




We saw a lot of movies over the summer. We took advantage of Cinemark’s Summer Kids movies, so we were at the theater once a week. This week we also happened to go see a movie as a family on the weekend. I’ve been adding the ticket stubs right on to the journaling card. As someone that used to work at a movie theater for several years, it’s pretty cool when I find my stubbs for movies like “Forrest Gump” or “Twister” and remember what it was like seeing those movies on the big screen.

Project Life

My husband found an online game that he can play with both of our girls. It’s funny to walk around the house with them all in their favorite spots playing the same game. That “Plugged In” card from Take 10 was perfect for that spot!



I put off starting work on the girls’ school albums thru the entire month of June – when July rolled around I told myself that I couldn’t blow it off any more. I was having a hard time getting started. I found this card that was a cut apart and thought it was perfect – it was the “advice” that I needed to get started.


I am handling their school albums much differently this year, but that’s for another day 🙂 Thank you for stopping by to read. I will be linking up with The Mom Creative for her monthly Project Life link up. Now that we’ve made it thru the first week of school and I am starting to get back into a routine, I hope to have more content here on my blog. If you have been reading along I want to thank you for sticking with me!

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Project Life Catch Up- weeks 21 thru 25

I’m going to jump right in. Here is week 21:



It was getting toward the of May and I realized that I needed to use this card before it was too late. It is so pretty, but I’ll admit that it doesn’t “flow” with the look of the rest of the layout as well as I’d like. This was one of those weeks where I just wanted to get it done – I wasn’t worried about “perfect”.





The Sunday that started this week, my husband and one of my daughters competed in a Spartan Race (the other daughter competed the day before). I wasn’t able to make it that second day, so I put Natalie in charge of taking pictures and she did a great job. More importantly, she was so excited about the fact that she could “tell a story by taking pictures the right way” – that made me smile big time!



Sydney had to do a timeline project for class. Trying to get her to figure out what things to put on the timeline was getting to be a little bit difficult, so I finally pulled out our family scrapbooks (starting with the year she was born) and had her flip thru them. That helped the decision process out quite a bit.



WEEK 22:




It had been a while since I had my girls journal for the album, but this week was perfect for having them each contribute something.





WEEK 23:


This week felt like it came together much better than some of the others I’ve done recently. I was able to find aquas/blues/greens in the journaling cards that looked like they belong together.




For this week, I used mostly the Midnight kit and stuck with a monochromatic palette.



This was our first official week of summer vacation. We are going to see older kid’s movies once a week at the theater closest to our house. I’ve been adding the stubs to each week’s layout.



WEEK 25:



I was excited about how this layout came together – I love all of the bright colors, it really says summer!




I love the “June” wood veneer piece from Studio Calico. I covered it with HA Neon Blue ink and it looked much better than leaving it plain.



… and THAT is as far as I’ve gotten in completed layouts. I should getting Natalie and Sydney’s school albums finished within the week and then I will back to keeping up with my weekly layouts. Thank you for reading along!

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Throwback Thursday #2

I missed last week – it just came and went before I had a chance to breathe. We have hit the crazy time of year at school … projects are due, all the final events are happening and I’ve got to wrap up the school scrapbook project (more on that to come soon).  I just happen to be able to be “working” at home today and get some time to link this up to The Mom Creative.


Our girls have been watching the Disney show “Kickin’ It” pretty much non-stop lately. It is not one of the ones my husband or I are particularly fond of. My personal feeling is as long as it is appropriate and not spawning bad behavior from our youngest, then fine (as long as I don’t have to watch it). My husband, however, has taken to trying to convince them to watch something/anything else which has made for some interesting back and forth conversations in our house 🙂 Last night he mentioned to me that he didn’t like the theme song to the show either (he may have been tired and a wee bit crabby). This video jumped back into my memory and I showed it to him – of our girls singing a different theme song.

Girls Singing Hannah Montana (2009)

(This is my first time trying to figure out how to post a video to view, so you have to click the above link – it will take you away from this page)

Everytime I watch this video, I’m smiling wide the whole time … my favorite part is the “best of both worlds” lyric where you can tell Sydney finally knew more than one or two words in a row. Makes me laugh every time! I’m so glad that I remember to take short videos of them every once in a while. There are just some memories that a photo can’t fully capture. Plus, I figure when they become well know performers as adults, they’ll need footage for their ” this is how it all began” montage, right? 🙂

How about you? Any photos/video of your budding performers or athletes?

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Project Life – Weeks 10 and 11

I have to say that I am having a lot more fun putting my layouts together this year since I am no longer confining myself to one core kit for the majority of the page. I have most of a Honey and Blush core kit, but I’ve also cut up some 6×6 Amy Tan paper pads to use. And if I can ever find the Plus One mini kit, I will be adding that to the mix! Here we go with week ten …




For this week’s layout I wanted to mostly stick to black and white journaling cards/paper because the colors in my photos were all over the place. I had two different Amy Tan patterns that I used for the weekly card. When I put the March calendar card in, it was green (which thankfully went with a couple photos) and then added the teal (Tim Holtz Peacock Feathers ink), so those are the color enamel dots I pulled out … and then an orange one to pull a color from the right half of the page.

(wow, that was a long description for one pocket!)

(wow, that was a long description for one pocket!)

On Sunday, Natalie went to do some baby-sitting of sorts. She goes to her 3rd grade teacher’s house (she’s in 4th now) and plays with the kids (3 year old and 2 year old twins) so that Magen can get something accomplished 🙂 Magen is also great about taking pictures of Natalie with her kids and sharing them. I had Natalie do her own journaling.



I’ve mentioned in previous weeks that my husband is redoing part of our bathroom. I’ve been trying to document the process in our PL pages instead of doing a mini album or something along those lines, because really, who wants to look at a bunch of photos of demo? He has some work jeans that had a rip in the back and this particular day, the rip, uhhh … became more than a rip …


The Friday before Spring Break always seems like one of the busiest days of the school year. This year Sydney (and the entire 2nd grade) presented their endangered species projects in the hallway. Then I photographed first graders releasing the butterflies they’d had since the caterpillar stage (LOVE doing this every year) and then I spent quite a bit of time with Natalie’s class trying to get caught up on 4 months of scrapbook layouts that they were behind!


this little guy was on MY arm ... he didn't fully form and wasn't able to fly well, so he stayed with me

this little guy was on MY arm … he didn’t fully form and wasn’t able to fly well, so he stayed with me


And now on to Spring Break!!!!


Here’s a look at the full spread:




You know you’ve trained your children well when they bring you stickers from their stash to match photos you’ve taken of them.

Syd was kind enough to share her Lego Chima stickers

Syd was kind enough to share her Lego Chima stickers

Monday Jason took the day off so that we could do something together. One of the nearby theaters has gone thru several changes over the years, closed completely and then reopened as a dollar theater. It also happens to be the theater I was working at when a new guy started working there and we started dating …and then five years later we ended up getting married. Needless to say, it’s a special movie theater to us.


I love this filler card from Studio Calico and it seemed to be the perfect card for spring break.

IMG_2419Thursday we met close family friends (our kids actually tell people they are cousins and call us adults “aunt” and “uncle”) at the newly redone children’s museum. All four girls had a blast!

(I forgot to photograph it from the layout, so here's the original photo)

(I forgot to photograph it from the layout, so here’s the original photo)

They came back and spent the night and then the next morning Jason took off work and went with us to the recently opened Austin Aquarium (other friends/family met us there, too). The hands-on things were what the girls loved best. The lighting was not the greatest for taking pictures, so the ones of them petting rays and little sharks were not quite as good as the ones of them petting lizards and feeding birds.


IMG_2423The above photo earned the “epic” flare because Sydney won’t go near our parakeets at home when they are out of the cage, so the fact that she actually agreed to feeding a much larger bird AND didn’t freak out was just awesome!

After the aquarium and lunch at Rudy’s (outside), we went to the park by our friend’s house and let the kids play for another few hours. Monkey taught Syd how to play hacky sack.

IMG_2424By Saturday morning, I couldn’t get out of bed (thank you, Lupus) so Monkey, Brenna and the four girls played a board game all morning until it was time for the girls to leave. I didn’t have any photos, so I got a picture of the game they played (see above right card).

That is where I am with my PL spreads. I have two more weeks worth of photos in pockets just waiting for journaling. Thanks for reading along. I will also be linking this post up to The Mom Creative and would love to read your comments!




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Project Life – Finishing Up February

Okay, so much catching up to do, so here we go, starting back at…



left side, week 7

left side, week 7

right side

right side


I don’t usually include weather snapshots, but because of all the craziness I decided to add it in for this week. I snapped a photo of the tv screen because I have no clue how to do a screen print on my phone 🙂


I got some “currents” cards a while back and never seem to have space to use them. I wanted to include this selfie of my “work in progress” where it comes to getting better at makeup, but didn’t necessarily want a full size photo of my face, so now I have a spot for the currents card.

IMG_1907My youngest got her new glasses this week as well. She hadn’t been wearing her older glasses at school as much as she was supposed to (and it’s really hard to keep on her when I’m half a mile away), so her vision got worse and now she needs to wear them ALL the time. For her first pair, I tried to steer her towards neutral colored glasses so they’d look okay no matter what she wore. This time I realized that she needs to really like them in order to actually wear them, so we let her get the ones she really wanted. And they look awesome on her – they fit her personality so well!

IMG_1908This was the week of Valentine’s Day. I got photos of the girls at school during their parties:


… and then had Natalie take a picture of Monkey and I at dinner that night. We went out as a family mostly to celebrate that he got the job he’s been waiting on for several months.


Going out to dinner was also our way of having a little bit of something positive before we sat down to tell the girls the next day that the Monday coming up would be the day we were having Little put to sleep (I hate that phrase, but don’t know any less tacky way of saying it). We wanted to give Little some pampering/treats for her last couple of days to remind her how much we love her. She loves popcorn and when Monkey makes some as our late night snack, he always gives her a few pieces. Well, on Saturday, he made her a bowl of her own and then put her up on our bed to be more comfortable as she ate it. It was a very sweet gesture from him.



That was the way we wrapped up week seven; now onto

(my first time using the Cameo pens)

(my first time using the Cameo pens)

This week started out very emotionally draining and the rest of the week we had so much going on. I kind of felt like I was just going thru the motions and I wanted to convey that with color (or lack thereof).



IMG_1920Monday while the girls were at school, we had the vet come to the house and end Little’s suffering. Monkey and I took her out to his parents’ land and buried her right next to Chewie (our Rottie that passed away a few years ago). Then we picked the girls up from school and took them out to see where Little was buried. What made it even more difficult is that my youngest thought that Little would still be there when she got home and that it would happen later that day, so she was even more upset that she couldn’t see her to say good-bye. She kept trying to pick up the rocks (on the burial site) and wipe the dirt away because she thought then she could see Little. Like I said – emotionally draining day.

the 4x6 pocket is actually a flap with another photo/more journaling underneath

the 4×6 pocket is actually a flap with another photo/more journaling underneath




Moving on to



I felt the need to use lots of bright colors this week after the monotone feel of week eight.




IMG_2381Monkey and the girls took advantage of another random beautiful day that Sunday and went for a long bike ride. I’m so glad that my girls are learning now to have healthy habits and that they look forward to/constantly ask to go for long bike rides and want to do obstacle course races like their daddy.

(I put stickers on a little too low, but they were NOT coming off to redo the placement ... oh well)

(I put stickers on a little too low, but they were NOT coming off to redo the placement … oh well)

I have a love for all things colorful, including sequins. The problem is that sometimes I have a hard time finding a good place for them in my layouts without it looking overdone or tacky. I felt like the journaling card/stamp needed a little something more, so sequins it is!


I recently got Shimelle’s  Nailed It stamp set (LOVE that someone finally made a phrase stamp set that wasn’t all rainbows and unicorns and “best day ever!”) and got to use it a couple times on this week’s layout. Case in point:

(I scrapbook with a few classes at school on a monthly basis)

(I scrapbook with a few classes at school on a monthly basis)

and also here:

("brownies" came out more like heavily buttered pancakes - gross)

(“brownies” came out more like heavily buttered pancakes – gross)

Now that Monkey knows he got the new job (which he actually starts next week) , he made himself a list of tasks to get done/finish up at his current job before leaving. He’s very excited about his new job, but I’m glad that he is being responsible and not just leaving his current one hanging because he’s got “short timer’s syndrome”.

IMG_2387Sydney has taken to writing down notes when she is not comfortable saying the words out loud or when she needs to work out her feelings. I left her a little note on her desk and so she wrote me a note back and left it on my desk. Love it! (Sometimes when I give my girls a compliment, I’ll say that “I’m not just saying that because I’m your mother”)


I documented what might seem like a random thing to someone else because I wanted to show Syd how proud we were of her. She is at that stage where she feels we should leave every store with her having *something* new, even if there’s nothing she *needs*. The fact that she was willing to wait for the pair she really wanted impressed both my husband and me quite a bit!

IMG_2391Okay, that wraps up February’s layouts and this blog post. I have a few more weeks to share, but I will make that a separate post. I’ve had a lot of these weeks just waiting to share. I have this mental block that I have to have my Project Life posts ready to share on Tuesday and if I don’t, then I might as well just wait until the following week (due to sharing on The Mom Creative for so long). Now that she’s gone to a monthly blog link up instead of a weekly one, I’m still adjusting 🙂 I also have been working on some “regular” layouts for our family album and will share those soon as well.

I will be linking up with The Mom Creative for her Project Life post. If you made it this far – thanks for staying with me!


Project Life – week 6


I think that week six has been my favorite week so far in regards to the color and putting it together. The way this layout looks? *That* is why I chose to use the Honey core kit this year. On to the close ups:




When I was first trying to decide what cards to use with this layout, I noticed I had a lot of strong colors, so I pulled out one of the title cards with a lot of color. The actual “week 6” part was getting lost against all of the color, so I recut it on gray to make a bit of a shadow.


One of the photos was of my girls at a birthday party that I didn’t make it to (Monkey, aka daddy took them). Instead of trying to reword what they told me, I made room to have them both journal about the party. Aaaaannnd because they are kids and listening is not a skill they are always familiar with, this was the second version of the journaling cards because the first time they wrote with the arrows pointing up, even though I said I needed them to point down. See, don’t you feel better that it’s not just your kids? 🙂


Something I’ve been wanting to try is using pockets in the pocket pages (there’s a joke in there somewhere). I picked up a couple of Simple Stories’ sets when Archiver’s was having it’s closing sale.  Here is my first attempt – it’s holding hockey tickets.



A good friend of ours really wanted an excuse to see the Lego movie that recently came out. Since he has no kids of his own, he borrowed ours and another close friend’s and took all four girls, the other girls’ mom and my husband (we’re all friends) and they went to the Lego movie. I was more interested in some kid-free scrapbooking time at home. I wanted to do something fun for the girls to remember the movie by, so again I turned to a magazine (see this layout where I used a photo for Breaking Bad). I found this photo/synopsis of the movie in Entertainment Weekly. Also, my husband was sweet enough to remember to take a photo for me!

(journaling made easy)

(journaling made easy)

Finally, I had a small 6×8 insert this week for the start of the Olympics. I found some free journaling/filler cards online and used those along with the photos my husband found online. The Olympics have always been a really big deal for him, so I left the journaling and choice of diecuts up to him (I just did the work).





I knew I wanted to use the Silhouette die cut of the flaming torch and finally decided to put it on this card and loved the final result:


For the back two 3×4 spots I knew I wanted to use the Silhouette to cut out dies of my husband’s favorite winter Olympic events. Hockey was a no-brainer. He also chose snowboarding and I thought just a black silhouetted image of each was the best look.

(flying off the card)

(flying off the card)


Okay, that about wraps up our week six. I will be linking up to The Mom Creative for her first of what will now be a once monthly link up. Thanks for reading along and I would love to hear from you!