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Project Life – Week 26 (Summer Love)








The fact that it is now December made me realize that I need to get my butt in gear and not only get caught up on my pages (I’m about a month behind) but that I also want to try to get all of the weeks posted by the end of the year, if possible.  Come January, I am starting fresh, so here goes …




When I start putting a layout together, I use the week card as a starting point and try to draw the colors from the photos. This was one of those weeks where the colors were just all over the place. I had a few brightly colored filler cards that I wanted to use, so I decided to go with bright, summery colors.



I wasn't sure if this red would clash with the "I love summer" pink card, but I think it works

I wasn’t sure if this red would clash with the “I love summer” pink card, but I think it works

I think it helps to have something with multiple bright colors in it that incorporate the colors on the page to “tie it all together” and this was the one I used

circle note is from Sydney

circle note is from Sydney

This week I finally got a good picture of Keet. Sometime in May, my husband and some of his coworkers found a lone parakeet searching for food in their office parking lot. There were talks of making him the office mascot (they are very pet-friendly, on any given day, there will be at least 1-2 dogs in the office), but someone needed to take care of him over the weekend. Well, my husband was the last person to leave, so guess who brought the bird home? He now lives with us. Keet (as in para-) is very shy around people and so just being able to get a picture of him has been difficult. This was a big achievement for me.

this is the original - the one from the layout had a glare on it

this is the original – the one from the layout had a glare on it

With my health issues becoming more and more of a presence in our daily life, I’ve decided to not try to gloss over/hide it like I usually do and just add it in as a factual part of our daily life. My hair has always been one of the few things on my body I was proud of. As a kid, I had the longest, thickest blonde hair. I literally did not have it cut until I was twelve years old. It went from being just past my butt to chin length in the matter of 30 minutes. When I was 16, I watched my cousin with such jealousy about her natural curls … until I tried to do what she did and realized my hair is also naturally curly (it had always just been too long/thick for the curls). A few years back, I got tired of the dumb blonde jokes and the “are you a natural blonde?” questions and colored my hair red. Most people I “work” with at school assume the red is my real color and ask where my girls get their blonde hair from 🙂 ANYWAY … just thought a little backstory was important.


Something very cool happened this week – my mother decided to try Project Life! She is not a scrapbooker. My mother’s version of what most of us do was to make photo collage frames of events or groups of family/friends, but she is running out of wall space quickly! I’ve shown her my albums a couple times and explained to her how easy it is to do and that it doesn’t have to be an album of your daily life. She is doing hers with events in her home – starting with finding the house as it was finishing up being built. It was nice to have something common for us to share/talk about.



My husband started about a year and a half to two years ago getting into shape and learning to eat better. It all started because he wanted to do one of those obstacle course races like Tough Mudder, but knew he needed to get into shape first. Now he has lost over 40lbs and is in better shape than he was in high school (excuse me sticking my tongue out at him). He wanted to be able to practice wall climbing, so I suggested we take down a part of our multilevel deck that we rarely use and reuse the wood to start building the wall in it’s place. So he did.


Finally, this week I started chore charts with the girls. They have their “chores” that they do around the house, but had been slacking off. We had a sit down talk with them about needing them to step up and help out more since I’m able to do less and less. I made the charts with stickers because (1) Sydney will do just about anything for a sticker and (2) Natalie (like her mom) likes to be able to check things off a list. Win – win, right?




I figured those chore charts will be something they will get a kick out of seeing later on in life (“Remember when we only had to remember to feed the dogs? And not worry about making enough money to feed ourselves and our family?”)

Okay, I’m off to link up to The Mom Creative for Project Life Tuesday. I would love to hear from you in the comments!