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Project Life-Weeks 16 & 17

My first round of photographing my layouts didn’t turn out so well – page protector glare is killing me! Early yesterday evening, it started getting overcast, so I tried again. I’m still having to use my cell phone since my camera is on it’s deathbed. We started looking into trading it in or just getting a new camera, so hopefully we won’t have to suffer thru my not-so-good layout photos much longer 🙂




This seems like forever ago!


Ever reach that point where your hair is making you crazy? Yeah, I had reached that point and after my husband telling me to just go do it, I went and cut my hair off. Last time I did that, I had enough to donate, but this time it wasn’t long enough.


My oldest hasn’t lost a tooth in a while, but this week she did. It was just cute to watch, because our youngest has been the one losing teeth for so long now.


This was a big week for Monkey – it was the weekend of Tough Mudder.

(journaling by my husband, I just used a "girly" font)

(journaling by my husband, I just used a “girly” font)

For those of you unfamiliar with Tough Mudder, it’s an obstacle course/race/mess. All of the smaller courses and races he’s done up until that point were training for this event. Needless to say, I took several photos. We all went out as a family to cheer him on.

(the course map)

(the course map)

I did an insert to add more photos for him. I wanted him to know how proud we are of him. It took a couple of weeks, but he did do all of the journaling for the insert.

front of the insert

front of the insert


back side of insert

back side of insert


And so ends week sixteen …. And now, on to



Here’s each side by itself.

left side

left side


right side

right side


This week I was searching thru my CTMH stamps for something when I came across a calendar stamp set that I had forgotten about. I thought it was the perfect size for a 3×4 card with room left to add some embellishment myself or put it on a card with something already on it.


This was a big week for our oldest daughter, it was time for the state tests. Even though she does very well at school, she was extremely nervous for these tests. Her practice math test, she had only scored an 80 (“That’s like failing for me, mom”), but her teacher and I both explained that it was her first test of this kind(scan tron/bubble tests with tricky wording).

(journaling written by Nat)

(journaling written by Nat)


This was also the week we got a new family member. We have always rescued/helped out animals when the situation presented itself. Well, this week a parakeet showed up in the parking lot where my husband works. His office is very pet friendly (on any given day, at least 1-2 people have brought their dog to work with them), so of course everyone was saying that someone should take him home for the weekend. Well, Monkey happened to be the last one to leave the building that day. I get a call from him on his way home saying ” I have a bird in a box.” After realizing this wasn’t some strange code speak, he told me the story. We agreed it was just for the weekend and then we’d figure out what to do.




Keet (as in Para-) now lives with us. He actually just got a roommate this weekend, but that’s another story for another day. One last photo to share with you. I probably have a dozen similar photos of my girls, but to me, this is what their summer is about – hanging out in our little blow up pool, just relaxing and not having to worry about schedules or making lunches and doing homework.


Okay, that wraps up weeks sixteen and seventeen. Thanks for reading and checking out my layouts. I will be linking up with The Mom Creative on Tuesday, along with many creative people, so swing by and check it out!