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Throwback Thursday #3

Sydney a week after her first birthday

Sydney a week after her first birthday


I took these photos of Sydney (my youngest) back in July of 2007, about a week after she turned one. I remember this was the first time I set up a staging area for my girls and really *tried* to get some nice portraits of them on my own. Even though I’ve loved photography for as long as I can remember, I relied on a photo studio for my girls portraits up until this point. These are still some of my favorite shots of her and her stunning blue eyes – I still have these hanging up in our house 🙂


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That Time of Year Again …

The month of May is usually very crazy.  My girls are finishing up with school which means finishing up big projects, field trips, Splash Day (think Field Day with water slides) and all of that.  For me it means finishing up the school scrapbooks that I do.  If you go to Becky Higgins website (http://www.beckyhiggins.com/blog/) and go to the “free stuff” tab on the side (scroll down a little) there is something called a “Personal Yearbook”.  Basically it’s an 8.5×11 layout that has been pre-printed for you to use with school age children.  Last year I asked my oldest daughter’s 1st grade teacher (and the other 1st grade teachers) if we could do this.  I had three classes last year that I did this project with.  By the end of the year, other teachers heard about it and I talked to the teachers my girls were going to have this year about it.  This year I have NINE classes that I do this project with (including my youngest’s kindergarten class and 3 different dual language classes).  We are trying to get everything caught up and finished, so this is a glimpse of what my days have looked like lately:

boxes of school scrapbooks (done in 3 prong folders)

ready to stamp with a class

catching up and sorting pages with one of the teachers

 On top of all this, I had a family/infant photo shoot:

So, needless to say, I have no Project Life updates again this week. And might not for a couple more weeks until school is out.  I am excited for summer vacation, though because I’ll have more time to work on PL and our other scrapbooks.  I am also going to work with my girls so they can do their own mini-version of PL for the summer with photos they take themselves (my assistant photographers in training 🙂 ).

Thanks for stopping by!


Project Life (week 15)

I did it!! I finally got the current week finished AND photographed in time to link up with The Mom Creative.  So, here goes …. he’s the full spread:

I normally just fill each slot with a full size photo or journaling card, but this week I decided to try something different.  I like some of the layouts I’ve seen of people that use smaller photos and treat each section as a mini layout, so I thought I’d give it a try:

I think it might look better if I were more of an embellishment-type scrapper. I *do* love playing with the 6×6 squares that I used on the right half of the layout.  The top two spaces were about different artwork my girls did for school.  I let my 8 year old take her own photograph and journal what she wanted to say – I’m glad I have that and I know she’ll appreciate in years to come (although she thinks it’s pretty cool now, too)

I played around with adding some subtle color/decoration to the plain grid card for the bottom 2 squares.  I dug thru my new stash of washi tapes from Target and added a solid color to the side.  I really like how it turned out.

 I had an insert this week.  The girls go with their daddy every couple of weeks to the Lowe’s Kid Build and Grow free workshops.  This week, they brought home certificates for completing their projects.  My 5 year old was just SO proud of this!

Thanks for looking!  I am hoping to finally get all the other weeks posted up here.  I have them done, I just haven’t had a chance to post them yet.  I can’t wait to see what everyone else had done 🙂

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trying to meet a goal

I am taking a quick break to stop in and say hi – the more I do this, the easier it becomes to make it a habit, right?  I’ve wanted for a couple weeks to be able to start joining the Mom Creative on Tuesdays with my Project Life.  With all the that’s been going on lately (hard growth spurt for my youngest, then her and my husband getting strep and me not feeling so well myself) I just haven’t had a lot of time to post on here OR get my PL weeks current, but I am trying.

I’m not one of those people that stress about being “behind”.  I don’t actually do each week while it’s going on or even at the end of the week.  I take photos, make notes in a special notebook just for PL and collect things.  Every 2-3 weeks I’ll order all the photos and then take my time putting it together.  I figure if I have to stress about it, it won’t be any fun for me.  And until school gets out, it’s just not really possible to do it any other way.

In slightly related news, I did get a Scotch ATG gun last week.  In helping my girls with their independant study projects at school, we noticed pictures/notes falling off their tri-fold board.  I’ve had the same problem with some of my layouts.  I posted on the 2Peas board to get opinions/ideas and finally decided (with some urging from my husband) to just suck it up (using the HL coupon) and get the good adhesive and quit using the cheap stuff that is no longer working.  It’s taking a little getting used to, but is working much better.

And because I feel like I *need* to post a picture (because I always look at the photos first), here is our recent family picture in the bluebonnets.  It’s always interesting when you try to shoot your family picture AND be in it at the same time (I really need to get a remote – this 10 seconds to run and get it place is getting old 🙂 )

it was bright and sunny, can you tell? 🙂

Hopefully I’ll be back within the next 24 hours with some Project Life layouts!

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Project Life (week 4)

full layout

For this week I thought I’d try out something a little different.  I had used a different page protector for the second half of the previous week giving me a 6×12 section on one side and the 6×4 spots on the other side.  This was a rough first half of the week because it was the 6th anniversary of my father’s death.  And this year the days lined up (calendar-wise) exactly as they did that year, so I spent a lot of time looking at the clock, thinking “at this time, I was doing this” … or “at this time I had to sign those papers”.  I decided the simplest way to document that was to just take a picture of the photos I keep on the display shelf above my computer/scrapbooking area.  See those reading glasses in the photo?  My father would buy the cheapo ones from the grocery store and stash them everywhere because he was always losing them.  I think the total count that we found going thru his stuff was in the high teens-early twenties.  I have them all.

Oh, that box top above the photo?  It’s my hair color 🙂  As you can see from the photos with my dad, I’m naturally a darkish blonde, but I color my hair red.  I thought it would be neat to put the color in there since I change the color so often.

I had one insert this week that had my youngest daughter’s report card on it.  I circled the top that showed where the previous grading period her reading was “at expected level” and this time “above expected level” was checked off.  She puts pressure on herself (as much as a 5 year old can know what “pressure” is) by comparing herself to her older sister, even though we never do and tell her she shouldn’t.  My oldest started kinder and turned 6 about three weeks later; our youngest turned 5 about a month before starting kinder.  It may not sound like much, but it makes a big difference.

I stamped “good job” with a Lawn Fawn font set and let my youngest color it in. On the second page are pictures of my girls at school and a Saturday tradition of my husband taking our girls and meeting my sister and nephew to do the Lowe’s Kid Builder workshops.  This was the first time I actually went so that I could get pictures.  Plus we had a part to go to for one of my oldest daughter’s school friends.  The big thing at the end of the week was that we drove about an hour and a half to see some friends of ours that had taken in a dog to foster (she works at the kennel her MIL owns).  We wanted to adopt Molly (the dog) and had to go meet her.  She was such a sweet dog and my husband was instantly in love with her.  I talk more about her and all this in the next week’s layout.  For whatever reason I did not take shots of the single sides.  I took these photos in my usual spot, but was frustrated with the glare and tried another spot, so in retaking the pictures, I forgot some.

Thanks for reading … be back soon!

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Project Life (week 3)

I am not actually this far behind in my pages, I just haven’t had a chance to post them yet on my blog, so here goes:

full spread

I had 2 inserts this week – one was my oldest daughter’s report card and the back was some artwork from my niece.  The second insert was 2 5x7ish slots (I think these are the ones from my 8.5×11 Ditto album and I repunched the holes to fit) with pictures from a family get together.

Natalie’s report card

from my niece, Riley

we are a large group

I did tags down the side with the kids names so that when I’m old and crazy, my kids will still be able to tell who was who, even though they change a lot

The weather this week had started to warm up, so we headed outside after school to drink a smoothie.  I love these two pictures.  My oldest is (almost) always happy to pose for me since she’s been doing it since birth.  My youngest was trying to be funny and was pouting, so I had to figure out how to get her to smile and when I did, I caught her mid-laugh 🙂

And finally … this was my first try at using a 6×12 template (from Ali Edwards) and I realized it was no where near as hard as I thought it would be.  Slowly, but surely I’m getting the hang of PSE and using digital elements in my scrapbooking.

6×12 template by Ali Edwards

 Thanks for stopping by and I will get the rest of the weeks up soon.  For now, I’ve got school scrapbook related things to work on

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so busy …

I’ve been keeping busy lately with my photography.  This time of year I get asked to help with my daughters’ school yearbook, which I gladly do.  Well, let me clarify – I don’t do the layout part.  I am much happier behind a camera than a computer 🙂  I have been taking a lot of class photos at school and editing and all the fun that goes along with that.  I love helping out the teacher at school that does the yearbook.  I get a kick out of seeing my photos in print … in a book that lots of people see!

Oh, and last week I got strep throat, so please pardon (again) the lack of posts.  Next week is spring break and I will get a chance to get some things posted!