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Project Life (week38)

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I kept thing simple this week as far as embellishments go (since there are none). I had a lot of bright colors this week, so I just decided to go all out on the color for my background paper and journaling cards.


It’s kind of funny because I did this last week, too … I did 6×6 collages and then realized I left no room to journal at all. I’ve seen some PL layouts where people choose to let the photos tell the story, but I just can’t do that. I’ve always had that “problem” – feeling like I need to explain things. 🙂 I realized that the bottom left hand corner section only had a 4×6 photo, so I squeezed in some brief journaling and told myself it was okay because my daughter’s birthday outting would make it into the family album with “regular” layouts as well. (OCD? Who, me?)

After my daughter’s birthday, the highlight of the week was a visit from an out of town friend. This is a man our group of friends has known for years thru other friends/online gaming (don’t judge, it’s not as nerdy as it sounds). He was in town for business, so this was our first time to meet him face to face. It was nice to get out and see our friends … and surprisingly relaxing since I thought it would be as uncomfortable as meeting any new person can be. He also came over to our house the next night and just sat and talked with Monkey and I for a while.

To tie in the “many colors” thing I have going on this week, I pulled different styles of journaling cards in different colors that were found in my photos. I wanted it to look like I thought about it instead of just pulled whatever random bits that I found – hope you can see that.

Finally … Natalie bought a huge Lego set with her combined birthday money/gift cards and spent her ENTIRE Saturday watching tv and putting it together. I took photos during the process, but the smile of her with the finished product was great! Monkey also got to use his money (market research study he did earlier in the week) to go buy his first pair of running shoes. He’s been running for a couple months now and after talking to Syd’s teacher (also a runner) he went to check out a local place that measures your foot and helps you find the best running shoe for your style, etc. He’s excited like a kid aobut these shoes 🙂 I’m so proud of him and how well he is doing with this!

That’s it for this week. As usual, I will be linking up with The Mom Creative for Project Life Tuesday. Feel free to leave comments 🙂