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Project Life- Week 11 (aka Spring Break)

This was a very full week for us – it was spring break.  We didn’t actually “go” anywhere, but we kept busy, so this week has a full 2 page spread as well as an insert.  Let’s get started, shall we?


left side

left side

right side

right side

I’ll share the insert further down in this post.  I’ve been looking for ways to challenge my “this is how I usually do it” method of doing these layouts.  One thing is that I keep my title/week card pretty simple – just the date and week number.  This week I decided to “get wild” and add a little more to it.


This was the weekend/week we really got our vegetable garden planted and going.  I learned several years ago that the girls were more willing to try (1) vegetables they didn’t know and (2) vegetables they didn’t like IF we grew them in the garden and they got to help. Don’t get me wrong, they still have phases of “oooohhh, that’s gross”, but not as much as I see other kids around us.  Sydney also loves her different “journals” at school, so we did a science journal for the pepper plants she picked out.  You should be able to read the journaling:


We’ve been watching Once Upon A Time together as a family and it’s made me sad how many of the fairy tales the girls just don’t know. When I was little, those were the majority of what I read – Disney fairy tales.  Our girls have a library full of books here at the house and most of them are not fairy tales, so I planned a movie marathon day of watching Disney movies so the girls were a little more informed.  I had them each journal about it – it was important to me that they journal as much as possible about spring break.  I want to have their voices “heard” in this album and want to show HOW they remembered all of their childhood.


I treated the insert as an extension of the layout, so here is the first side:


(again, please excuse the dark prints from Costco … again)

Our week continued with a craft day (to finish their Snap Albums about last summer – they did it in a mini Project Life style) and later that afternoon was the butterfly release for Syd’s first grade class. (see previous post) The families that were not out of town met in front of the school and we had a “release party” for the painted lady butterflies.  Sydney was too nervous to release one herself, but Natalie was more than willing to jump in a do it (2-3 times, I think).  Natalie had the same teacher and I’m pretty sure this was her favorite part of first grade.  The top two journaling cards(one bi-fold/one regular) were the girls “overviews” of the week.

The back of the insert:


After the butterfly release, Monkey surprised the girls and took them to a hockey game (he’s an off-ice official and rarely gets to just watch a game to enjoy it) and let me have a night off!  I handed them the camera and they came back with several photos.  The next day we headed up to the school playground to get some serious monkey bar training in, then had lunch/frozen yogurt with my mother.  We don’t get to see her much, so the girls were very excited to spend some time with her.  Natalie is doing her QUEST (creative/gifted children’s program at school) project on Thailand.  My mother and step-father went a few years back, so she’s been talking to Natalie some and helping her.

While we were eating frozen yogurt, Monkey was checking out a new trail to run downtown.


(wow, I did not realize how blurry that shot was – my bad)

Friday, Monkey took the day off so that we could take the girls to a movie. He and I actually met at a movie theater (we both worked there) and most of our dates were (free) movies.  Ever since I stopped working at a theater, I have a hard time paying full admission for a ticket.  I know how ridiculous the prices are and almost none of it goes to the theater … anyway, so most of our family movie outtings are at the dollar theater.  We took them to see Wreck It Ralph, even though it actually just came out on DVD.  I am a firm believer in the fact that movies are much better on a large screen 🙂


The final little story I want to share is this one:

the journaling card on the right side

the journaling card on the right side

I know it sounds so cliché, but it really is scary sometimes how quickly they grow up.  My girls are moving past the playing with toys, watching cartoons and listening to whatever we listen to phase of their life.  They both love this Disney show and were so excited we were going to let them pool parts of their allowance together to get this CD. (last week it was another one- Kidz Bop)  I remember how grown up I felt when I purchased that “Out of the Blue” Debbie Gibson *record* with my allowance.  I didn’t stop listening to it all weekend long.  How about you – do you remember the first record/tape/whatever of music YOU bought?


As always, I will be linking up with The Mom Creative – it’s a great way to check out other Project Life blogs and layouts.  There are a lot of creative people out there.  Thanks for looking!


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(no) PL Tuesday

I don’t have my layout ready … well, I haven’t even started thinking about it yet and I’m okay with that. Instead I thought I’d post a layout I recently did for our family album. I wanted to have fun with this layout. I decided to “get crazy” and add stickers and cute stamped things and put more detail in than I normally would. I tried my to channel my inner-Nichol Magourik

I absolutely love Echo Park and their bright colors and patterns and thought this was the perfect layout to use up some of my favorite bits and pieces. For the title I used one of their sets of letter stickers, but for the S and B I wanted something bigger. I found larger letter stickers(Basic Grey find at Big Lots), but in a light gray, so I just colored them with one of my Memento markers and it really popped.

As you can see I just gave a brief overview of each day’s events during the week; our road trip weekend has it’s own 2 page spread right after this one. This was also a great way to use some of my Ali Edwards/Technique Tuesday stamps. I had a lot fo fun doing this layout.

Okay, my break is over – back to editing photos. Thanks for taking a look!