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Project Life (week 51) and my “blog-aversary”!

First of all, I started my blog one year ago today! My husband wasn’t sure I’d keep up with it (as I’ve mentioned, I am so NOT a technical/computer person), but I did it! I know it’s not as nice looking as some of the other blogs out there, but that’s okay – I’ll get there slowly 🙂

Now, onto week 51. Here is the full spread:

week 51

left side close up

left side close up

right side close up

right side close up

A few weeks ago I went thru my stash of Thickers and did the “week___” for the whole year. For week 51 I used these fun silver foil like Thickers.


I wanted to have silver somewhere else on the layout so it looked a little more put together, so I pulled out some silver heart shaped brads and put them across the top of my journaling block.


On Sunday my husband asked me to video record him running so that he could critique his own form and all that. I knew he was going to be hard on himself, so on one of the last videos I quietly told him (on the video) that his butt looked good 🙂 I got the reaction I wanted, he laughed and said that was his favorite part!


I have been trying to go thru all the different journaling cards I’ve printed (found for free or very cheap) and remembered that I have these cards that you can color in. I had to look it up, but they are Kate Hadfield Designs. I printed them and colored them in shades of blue and gray/silver to match the other colors in my layout and used those for the second half of my layout.


I had a 6×12 insert for this week. The front had a few extra photos that didn’t fit in the rest of the layout, but that I really wanted included. The back is a card from Sydney’s 1st grade teacher (she was also Natalie’s 1st grade teacher). She said some really wonderful things on the card and I wanted to keep it where I could read it when I start to feel overwhelmed with the stuff I do at the girls’ school.

front of insert

front of insert


I felt like the front needed a little something more than just photos/journaling so I stamped out a string of lights (x’s2) and colored them in and “fussy cut” them to glue on. The string of lights is from an older Stamps of Life set.


Well, that’s all for now. Tomorrow I will be back with the final week of 2012. I have most of it photographed, but didn’t get the last couple of photos until about an hour ago and it was too dark to photograph it. Thanks for reading and I’ll see you soon!


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butterfly release

One of my favorite things about first grade is the butterfly unit.  They have containers in the classroom with chrysalises in them and the kids watch them everyday thru out the life cycle.  Then, a day or two before spring break, they go outside and release them one at a time.  Each student gets a chance to release “their” butterfly.  I was there photographing it for their school scrapbooks (I really need to do a post about that) so I got to capture the fun.  Even though there are shadows on her face and parts of other kids in the photo, this is one of my absolute favorite pictures of Natalie.  She has such a big heart, especially where animals are concerned.  She was actually crying a bit before going outside, not wanting to say good-bye to her butterfly (“What if she gets lost or lonely or can’t find food?”), but when the butterflies started coming out and landing on the kids, she was nothing but smiles!

the perfect sentiment (Ali Edwards stamp; American Crafts embossing powder)

Natalie’s teacher, Mrs. Greene had let Sydney be a part of the class all year whenever I was up there helping out.  I will forever be grateful to her for that.  This day was no exception.  After all the 1st graders in her class released their butterflies, there were a few left, so she let Sydney hold one.  I cannot put into words how excited Sydney was and how much it meant to me.  Sydney is going into 1st grade in the fall – can you guess what teacher I requested?


All paper and stickers are Echo Park.  I am trying to use up the last of my older collections so I can justify purchasing some of the newer ones 🙂  The butterfly stamp above the title is from The Stamps of Life.