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Throwback Thursday #3

Sydney a week after her first birthday

Sydney a week after her first birthday


I took these photos of Sydney (my youngest) back in July of 2007, about a week after she turned one. I remember this was the first time I set up a staging area for my girls and really *tried* to get some nice portraits of them on my own. Even though I’ve loved photography for as long as I can remember, I relied on a photo studio for my girls portraits up until this point. These are still some of my favorite shots of her and her stunning blue eyes – I still have these hanging up in our house 🙂


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Throwback Thursday #2

I missed last week – it just came and went before I had a chance to breathe. We have hit the crazy time of year at school … projects are due, all the final events are happening and I’ve got to wrap up the school scrapbook project (more on that to come soon).  I just happen to be able to be “working” at home today and get some time to link this up to The Mom Creative.


Our girls have been watching the Disney show “Kickin’ It” pretty much non-stop lately. It is not one of the ones my husband or I are particularly fond of. My personal feeling is as long as it is appropriate and not spawning bad behavior from our youngest, then fine (as long as I don’t have to watch it). My husband, however, has taken to trying to convince them to watch something/anything else which has made for some interesting back and forth conversations in our house 🙂 Last night he mentioned to me that he didn’t like the theme song to the show either (he may have been tired and a wee bit crabby). This video jumped back into my memory and I showed it to him – of our girls singing a different theme song.

Girls Singing Hannah Montana (2009)

(This is my first time trying to figure out how to post a video to view, so you have to click the above link – it will take you away from this page)

Everytime I watch this video, I’m smiling wide the whole time … my favorite part is the “best of both worlds” lyric where you can tell Sydney finally knew more than one or two words in a row. Makes me laugh every time! I’m so glad that I remember to take short videos of them every once in a while. There are just some memories that a photo can’t fully capture. Plus, I figure when they become well know performers as adults, they’ll need footage for their ” this is how it all began” montage, right? 🙂

How about you? Any photos/video of your budding performers or athletes?


Throwback Thursday Story

The Mom Creative is starting a new weekly link-up for “Throwback Thursday Stories” and I think it’s such a great idea. I haven’t actually ever done a #tbt post on my Instagram feed, but I think I might start doing that as well. So here goes my first one …

scan0094I’m not sure what year this was taken or my exact age – I’m guessing somewhere between 5-7 years old. This was our dog Gypsy. It wasn’t until I was much older that I realized that not everyone views their pets as another family member. I get my love of dogs from my dad who made sure that Gypsy went everywhere with us (camping trips, etc). The first time I ever saw my dad cry was the day she died. I wish I could thank my dad for showing me how important pets can be to me and my family.

We currently only have one dog in our house:

Leo, the day we brought him home

Leo, the day we brought him home

Loralei passed away in February (I’ve mentioned her in my PL layouts):

Loralie aka "Little"

Loralie aka “Little”

And Chewie passed away about three and a half years ago …

Natalie with Chewie when she was 2-3 yrs old

Natalie with Chewie when she was 2-3 yrs old

I may have added more than one #tbt photo, but they all help tell the story, right? 🙂 I think this is going to be a fun thing to keep up with. How about you – do you post Throwback Thursday pictures on social media/your blog?